Beta Coaching Program

Beta-coaching program was free of charge intensive introduction to game industry and game development. Program was aimed mainly for women, but was not limited for only women.  Two coaching programs were conducted during 2018-2019. First program run from October 2018 to January 2019 and the second program from February 2019 to the end of May 2019. You will find the schedules at the end of this page.

Participants were coached to find and amplify existing skills relevant with game industry employment, as well as introduced with new tools and work methods relevant to the field. The coaching program also included themes such as teamwork, hands on game development from idea to a demo, pitching, agile methods, networking, as well as enhancing business and entrepreneurial skills and international mindset.

You can see some behind the scene pictures on our Instagram.  Spring 2019 game demo presentations can be watched here.

Spring 2019 | BETA coaching program, schedule

18.2.2019   |  Introduction, overview to the game industry, meeting the mentors
22.2.2019   |  Teamwork in game industry
5.3.2019     |  Design thinking and idea creation in games
7.3.2019     |  Diversity in games, Game genres
8.-9.3.19     |  Game Jam!
12.3.2019   |  Feedback session

14.3.2019   |  Game Development Resources: from graphics to sounds
19.3.2019   |  Excursion to Tampere: Finnish Game Museum, game company visits
22.3.2019   |  Unity for beginners
26.3.2019   |  Unity advanced edition
28.3.2019   |  Streaming, game comminty and online thecnologies
2.4.2019     |  Pitching & meeting the mentors
4.4.2019     |  Feedback session

11.4.2019    |  Career in games
18.4.2019    |  Commercialization of a game; Feedback session
25.4.2019    |  Marketing, financing and distributing games, meeting the mentors
7.5.2019      |  Feedback session
14.5.2019    |  Setting up the online Games Exhibition
27.5.2019    |  Point & Click online Games Exhibition! | 12:00-14:00

Spring 2019  |  BETA coaching mentors

Aapo Saaristo         |  Unicorn Pirates
Felicia Prehn           |  Nopia Oy Ltd
Joonas Muhonen   |  Tingleware
Kim Orden               |  Polka Dot Studio
Paula Penttinen      |  Unicorn Pirates
Salla Hiiskoski         |  Futureplay

Autumn 2018| BETA coaching mentors

Elina Arponen                  |  Quicksave
Mia Lähteenmäki            |  Rovio
Olesja Marjalaakso
        |  Polka Dot Studio
Laura Snellman-Junna    |  Barona
Henna Tuunainen           |  Kuuasema
Joonas Muhonen            |  Tingleware