Beta Coaching Program 2018-2019

Beta-coaching program was free of charge intensive introduction to game industry and game development. Program was aimed mainly for women, but was not limited for only women.  Two coaching programs were conducted during 2018-2019. First program run from October 2018 to January 2019 and the second program from February 2019 to the end of May 2019. You will find the schedules at the end of this page.

Participants were coached to find and amplify existing skills relevant with game industry employment, as well as introduced with new tools and work methods relevant to the field. The coaching program also included themes such as teamwork, hands on game development from idea to a demo, pitching, agile methods, networking, as well as enhancing business and entrepreneurial skills and international mindset.

You can see some behind the scene pictures on our Instagram.  Spring 2019 game demo presentations can be watched here.


“It was very supporting and gave us the basics to go on on our own. I expected to have fun, learn more about the gaming industry and networking opportunities and all of them did happen.”
Woman | 23

“I was pleasantly surprised how well our team worked together and in the course I got so much new information about Finland’s game industry and the pipeline of making games. It gives you a nice around understanding of the game industry in Finland and also challenges you to work together with people who you might not know beforehand. Also I learned a lot about teamwork skills and other useful stuff.”
Woman | 27

“It gives a good picture of game development industry and new skills for game making”
Woman | 33

“It’s a great opportunity to learn and meet people who are interested it same things as you. Contact days were what I expected, useful and interesting. Teamwork was not what I had hoped.”
Woman | 30

“BETA offered an interesting and enlightening overview of the industry. The content was heavy on team work skills, which I understand, but since I’m very familiar with creative team work due to my education / work experience, it felt a bit redundant for me. But then again I did also learn new things.”
Woman | 33

“This beta coaching program gave me quite much information about core skills and roles in gaming industry. I would recommend it if a person is interested in working as a game developer.”
Woman | 39

“I didn’t really have any too crazy expectations, I thought the program would feel like ordinary school, which it did except that everyone was generally more interested in studying. It was a nice way to learn about game industry and a lot of fun. Excursions were interesting, I would have liked to have even more of them!”
Man | 30

“It was a great way to get started in gaming industry. An of course you’ll get to know people with similar interest and people from game development background. I now know people in the gaming industry and have some basic knowledge how to make a game. In the coaching I learned how to get startup going and great contacts. Our teammates are great and I really hope to continue our co-operation in the future.”
Man | 25

“I definitely would recommend it, because you meet new wonderful people, and if the lecturers are as good in future, you’ll learn lots of things from the professionals. Also you can make your very first game to public.”
Man | 32

“There was more work to be done at home I expected. The lectures were more high-level that I expected. All in all very high-level course. Gives you good tips how to get a job if you are unemployed.”
Woman | 37

“I got to know a lot about the game industry and a glimpse into what working in the industry is like.”
Woman | 22

Special thanks to the BETA coaching mentors!

Spring 2019

Aapo Saaristo         |  Unicorn Pirates
Felicia Prehn           |  Nopia Oy Ltd
Joonas Muhonen   |  Tingleware
Kim Orden               |  Polka Dot Studio
Paula Penttinen      |  Unicorn Pirates
Salla Hiiskoski         |  Futureplay

Autumn 2018

Elina Arponen                  |  Quicksave
Mia Lähteenmäki            |  Rovio
Olesja Marjalaakso
        |  Polka Dot Studio
Laura Snellman-Junna    |  Barona
Henna Tuunainen           |  Kuuasema
Joonas Muhonen            |  Tingleware