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Christmas is upon us in just a few days and this might cause some of you a slight Christmas panic. What on Earth can you buy someone who already has all the best AAA-games of the year? How can you find a present that shows how well informed and witty you are and at the same time gives endless joy to the receiver? Worry no more! Here’s GameChangers Christmas present tip nro.4 : Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator!

Alongside the strong female characters presented in previous post we wanted to bring some diverse male figures to your attention. In this story based simulator game you will guide your chosen Daddy through the ups and downs of the dating game. Will you find love in the sleepy seaside town of Maple Bay where all your neighbour are hot, dateable Dads! Do you choose the Goth Dad or the stay-at-home Dad? It’s your choice. Enjoy your romantic voyage and mini games for hours at a time. Warning! The game may contain some dad jokes. Loads of dad jokes.

You can purchase the game as a gift for example through Steam


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